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"A real “Guru” is that person who donates Education. He does not “trade” education. A Guru can only expect “Dakshina” (offering) but not claim a Tuition fee (“Moolya”). You have traded knowledge with your pupils. Think about it for a moment, you were not here to give “knowledge” to your pupils for free. You were here to “Trade” knowledge with your pupils and use them to seek vengeance against Drupad’s army. You used your employer (Hastinapura) as a Platform to meet selfish objectives."

- Lord Krishna

Upon realising the significance of Guru Shisya Bond while reffering to the great mythological book Bhagwat Gita, i have introduced the same ideology in my profession. I have taken an oath to not to collect any form of fees or chrages against educating them.

Some students are blessed with inherited intelligence, inlayed with discipline and mentored academically, results are always fruitful. Their sucess identifies their Guru’s sucess. As said my great Indian mythological guru Dronacharya “A Guru has all rights to choose his shisya”, Under this program I educate, mentor and tone student’s cognative abilities without any gurudakshina till my life time. Some of the Shishya’s whom i have selected are as following.


Aadi Kothari


Navroop Chandwani


Harsh Thakar

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